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The Wolverine specialises in all residential and commercial window cleaning.  From small units through to large homesteads and factories, WE DO IT ALL!  We utilise state of the art water fed pole systems which uses pure water to ensure the best results that last longer.


The Wolverine also does builders cleans for the new home and pre photography cleans prior to your home going on the market.


Don’t forget about your solar panels.  The Wolverine will ensure they are clean ensuring they are operating at their peak.

Window Cleaning



Clean windows let the radiant sunshine in to bring life into your home or workplace during the darker months. Keeping them spotless is not easy, however. We offer professional, fully insured window cleaning services for all types of buildings in Gisborne. You can count on our experienced team for squeaky-clean glass, whether you have a small starter home or a large shopping complex.

Why Engage Professional Window Cleaners?

Window cleaning can be a taxing and time-consuming job. Retaining professional window cleaners saves you time and prevents the aches and pains of physical labour. It invariably has better results than a DIY job, leaving your windows crystal clear and streak-free. We use high-quality cleaning products to protect your glass and prevent residue build-up.

Climbing up a wobbly ladder to the top floor of your home for window cleaning – bucket in hand – can be a safety risk. Using our professional window cleaning services means you don’t have to take the chance. We use water-fed window cleaning poles to wash out-of-reach corners safely and efficiently.

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The frequency of window cleaning depends on personal preference, but we recommend booking a window cleaning service at least once a year. Dirt and debris that build up on windows over time can cause mould and compromise the window frame’s structural integrity.

Hiring window cleaners after dry weather ensures you remove dust and pollen that stick to the glass. Why not book a home window cleaning to add curb appeal to your property before putting it on the market?


Wolverine Window Cleaning offers reliable, friendly window cleaning services in Gisborne, VIC, and the greater Macedon Ranges region. Get a quote for your home, office, workshop, or commercial property today.

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